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“Where Beauty Cosmetics Meets Sports, Everyday Life & A Hint Of Fierce!”

About Us

About the owner

The owner Jasmine Todd is a Professional Track & Field athlete born in San Diego, California and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. She represents team USA and Nike. Graduating from the University of Oregon with a Bachelors in Education focusing on Family and Human Services. While attending the UO she represented the Ducks Track & Field Team. Helping earn a silver medal in the 4 by 1 relay for team USA in 2015. Also holding the Long Jump record at UO and sharing the 100 meter dash school record.

Meaning & Inspiration of Baby Flo

During Jasmine’s track career she was giving a nickname by one of her Aunts, Mercedez, BabyFlo. She receives common comparisons to the legendary world record holder in track and field Florence Griffith-Joyner, also known as Flo Jo. The reason she is always compared to Flo Jo is because of her hair styles, nail, fashion presence on the track, and also her lipstick. Always wearing bold lipsticks on and off the track it because one of her signature looks.

The Why...

Always wearing lipstick on the track and during training workouts it can be hard to find a lipstick that actually looks good and has long lasting wear. Always representing lipsticks on such big levels and not really getting the recognition from lipstick brands my cousin said to me one day over Thanksgiving dinner I should start my own lipstick line. So here she is now selling lipstick that is great for everyday wear and working out!